“Mari's planning expertise is second-to-none. She's an expert at working with clients (often with diverse audiences) to scope just the right planning process and then delivers a final product on-time and on-budget, always carried out with precision and resulting in much value.”

Michael Zeleny, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


“I have had the opportunity to use Mari as a consultant on several occasions. I have always found her to be very knowledgeable in the areas she offers services, detailed oriented and deadline driven while maintaining flexibility as environmental factors change. Mari's friendly personality makes her fun to work with while maintaining focus on the task at hand. She is the consummate professional.”

Robert Downey, Capital Humane Society


"I have been very impressed with Mari's professionalism and her adherence to the highest standards for confidentiality and ethics. The experience and knowledge Mari brings to her work enable her to make informed recommendations about how the information she gathers will impact decisions made by the organization."

Mary Jo Pankoke, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation


"Lane Gewecke Consulting has been a tremendous asset for our rural hospital, providing both a feasibility study and campaign training. Mari is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic about fund-raising, and truly cares that her clients are successful in their fund-raising efforts."

Lana Likens, Jefferson Community Health Center


“Mari Lane Gewecke has found the secret to success for just about every endeavor. She calls it 'High Touch Market Research' but I call it pure engagement. If you want real information, a survey won't do it. You need real interaction with real humans, talking about real things. That is what Mari does, and she does it brilliantly. Mari is engaging and funny and puts people at ease, so they share the kinds of information you need to move your initiative forward. If you are embarking on a major effort (capital campaign, new program, endowment effort - anything) you need Mari on your team - period!”

Hildy Gottlieb, Chief Mission Officer, Creating the Future


Some consultants see details but miss the big picture. Some have vast vision, but don't understand the details. Mari has both. But don't let her pleasant demeanor fool you. She is business-minded and tough. She will see through the morass, keep you on task, help you develop and implement your plan, and you get back to fulfilling your mission.”

Jeane Vogel, Owner, Artist, Jeane Vogel Photography