Personal Interviews


One-to-one interviews are conducted by appointment with individuals identified by the client. 


There are a number of benefits to face-to-face interviews:


  • It is convenient for the respondent.


  • Additional, probing questions can be used to collect detailed information and move beyond an initial response.


  • There is an opportunity to observe non-verbal communication (i.e., body language, voice intonation) as part of a respondent’s feedback.


  • Forms or products can be tested in the environment in which they will be used.


Some examples of how clients have utilized personal interviews by Lane Gewecke Consulting include:


  • Exploring the feasibility of a new business venture as part of a business plan development effort.


  • Capital campaign design/feasibility studies.


  • Assessing the views of funders and stakeholders regarding proposed dramatic changes to a nonprofit organization.


  • Gathering information from key stakeholders for strategic planning