Gathering information to help you make decisions.
Do you want to:
  • assess reactions prior to launching a new program or service?
  • evaluate current activities?
  • learn how stakeholders will view a new direction?
  • plan for the future?
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Lane Gewecke Consulting can help you make informed decisions and save money by gathering information that allows your organization to operate more knowledgeably, efficiently and effectively.


Lane Gewecke Consulting can help when you:

  1. Lack the staff time for, or expertise in, research.

  2. Prefer to have a neutral third party collect candid, confidential responses.

  3. Wish to remain anonymous.


Your organization needs information to carry out your mission and serve your community.


Through personal interviews, telephone interviews or focus groups, Lane Gewecke connects with your key stakeholders and gets the information you need for decision making.

Lane Gewecke offers a personalized approach, with services tailored to your organization's specific needs. Over the past two decades, dozens of organizations have achieved positive results with the help of Lane Gewecke Consulting.

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